The Oregon Botanical Garden

A world-class botanical garden celebrating Oregon’s biodiversity


  • An indoor magical place where the mountains, valleys, and meadows representing the diversity of Oregon are in bloom year-round.
  • An outdoor display for water-wise nature-scaping for birds, butterflies and bees.
  • An opportunity for the urban dweller to renew and reconnect with nature.
  • An experience that focuses on the visitor’s needs, from education to entertainment.
  • A community hub for sharing ideas about Oregon’s natural resources issues.
  • A living display of the wide variety of landscapes in the state.
  • An encouragement to experience these habitats in their authentic setting.
  • A demonstration of the value of preserving our natural areas, to inspire artistic expression.


It’s just beginning.

The earliest planning stages.

So far, it’s only a dream.

If you’d like to help make it happen, please contact me.